What should I do I trip my alarm?
If you trip your alarm in error, please enter your 4 digit user code immediately. After this (or if you are unable to disarm the system) please call us at 455-3030 to let us know that you have tripped the alarm in error. When you call us please state that you have tripped your alarm in error. The person you are speaking to will access your account and attempt to notify the operator that is handling your alarm that it is a false alarm.

What is a contact list?
Your contact list are the people you want called in the event of an alarm. With burglary alarms our first call always goes to the location itself. After that you can decide if you want the police contacted or if you want your contact list called. For example, the front door contact of your is triggered. Our first call goes to the home and no one answers. At that point you choose whether the operator dispatches police immediately or whether we call your cellphone (your workphone, your next-door neighbor) to notify you of the alarm. If you choose to have your contact list called prior to dispatching the police you (or one of your contacts) will have the choice of whether or not police are dispatched.

Who should be on my contact list?
The people on your contact list should be people that you trust, first and foremost. Secondly, they should be people that can (and are willing to) access your home if there is an alarm and you are unavailable. They will also be asked to attend on site if the police are being dispatched. Please be aware that though an alarm can be triggered at any time of day your contacts or “key holders” may be called in the middle of the night. At no time should you have people on your contact list that are unaware you have listed them as a contact.

Who should know my 4 digit code?
When someone knows your 4 digit code they can access and disarm your system at any time. It is like a key to your front door. Only people that you trust to have access to your home at any time, your “key holders” should know your code. If you have a cleaning service or any other company that you would like to grant access to your home, please let us know and we will set up a seperate user code for them. That makes it easier for us to keep track of who is allowed to have access to your home.

Help! I need to change my 4 digit code.
If you need to change your 4 digit code for any reason please send us an email or fax. Referencing your name, address and the details of the change. If you do not specify a new code, one will be randomly generated for you. If it is an emergency, please call us at: 506-458-5668.

What is a password?
Your password or “all okay word” is a verbal word or phrase that we will ask you for over the phone. It is to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your account or cancelling a police dispatch. For example, if your password is “Banana” and you trip your alarm coming in from work we will call your home number and when you answer we will ask you for the password before we will mark it as a false alarm.

How can I pay my bill?
We accept payments in person by cash, cheque or credit card.
You can pay over the phone by credit card. Simply call 442-4040.
Please make cheques payable to Carlow Security Services
You can also mail in your payment to:

Carlow Security Services
PO Box 55
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 3Y2